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The idea for the application came from the traditional games of "hide and seek" and "scavenger hunt".  To add the fun of playing those games, now, with the Seek&Spot players can use their mobile device for better interactions and larger reach.  All Seek&Spot were created by users - they can create their own private Seek&Spot for just your family or friends – Or make it public so other can also enjoy them.

Seek&Spot have many functions - it is perfect to be used by indivdual, schools, or commercial organization. It is an ideal application to be used in an event such as teambuilding, education gamification, fieldtrip, school assignment and assessment, city tour, museum tour, charity walk/run, marketing, scavenger hunt, treasure hunt, orienteering or just fun with friends.

Seek&Spot was developed so that users can enjoy Scavenger Hunt, Geocaching, Gamification adventures in their iOS or Android device.