With Seek&Spot you can:

Create and play your own private or public Geocaching, Treasure Hunt, Hide & Seek and Scavenger Hunt adventure with family or friends.

Create a quick game with the "Find Me" function for your friend to find you.

Create Game as a Tour Guide or Museum Guide for touring a new City using the GPS or QR functions.

Create a community games for Charity or Social functions.

Views targets, invite other players to enjoy the game.

Provide quiz tool or QR codes to verify target.

Real time update user location to server.

Add friends, invite to play or simply chat with them.

Scan a QR Barcode to get information.

The idea for the Seek&Spot application came from the traditional games of "hide and seek" and "scavenger hunt". To add the fun of playing those games, now, with the Seek&Spot players can use their smartphone for better interactions and larger reach. Using their device, players can connect to the game servers and find out the distance from the hiding locations (waypoints.)

The game moderators can also easily keep track of the players and their locations, which is good for better coordination and more organized game. Moderator can login to give additional instruction or just simply "chat" with the players. The game authors can create variety of games and provide players with different type of "hints" of the "waypoints."

The game author can give players voice, text, or image "hints." The better the "hints" the more fun the game will be. To confirm that the players reached the correct location, authors can give "tasks" for the players to do. Those "tasks" can be in the form of scanning QR/bar code, answering questions or take photos.

The Seek&Spot PC version is also available for a better authoring, controlling and monitoring of the games. This version gives you more ease of use and functionalities when creating or reviewing. The same concept can be used for other activities and we have enabled our application to be used for other events (Please see the "Use For" section of our website.) Check out the Seek&Spot game introduction, follow the link to download and try Seek&Spot for FREE at the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Need more application functionality?

Don't worry - our team can provide you or your organization with a more tailored solution that can meet the requirements. Either it is for just fun and game or for a global marketing campaign, our support team is ready to assist you. Please contact us at info@fromlabs.com.

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